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Feedback from Michael’s clients about their experience working with him.

Victoria Mininger

Founder & CEO of Bear Creek Outdoor Living

At the time that I began working with Michael McGreevy our company had grown in size from 12 staff members to over 40. That year we also had significant revenue growth and I realized that we were headed for a company size that I have never led before. I knew that if I was going to not only survive, but thrive this explosive growth, I was going to need to stretch and grow as a leader in the trenches. Hiring Michael as a leadership coach in that season became pivotal to my success and overall health as a CEO and leader. Michael has a wealth of knowledge born of experience and an intuition for people unlike I have experienced in my professional career. His skill of deep listening and ability to ask pivotal questions allowed me to really go beyond surface level growth and become the strong leader I needed for my company and team. 

Darrin C Martin

District Manager, Doosan Portable Power

I am blessed. I am 17 years married to my wonderful wife and together we have three beautiful daughters, two in middle school, and one in high school. In addition to my family, I have a very stable 23 year career in the corporate sales world. Life has been moving blazing fast. Then wham! …. mid life crisis!? As I entered my mid forties I got to a point where the voice inside of me was so loud I could not ignore it. It was saying…. What’s next for you in your career? Are you growing? What do you want out of life ? How do you want the 2nd half to look? I had no answers. Neither did the pile of self help books I had read over the years.

Eventually I started researching life/career coaches and that’s when Michael was referred to me. I interviewed Mike as well as a couple other candidates including a logical and comfortable local choice just 10 minutes from my home in California. I chose Michael…..from Buffalo NY?? What? Why? It was actually an easy decision. He listened more intently than anyone I had met before and when he spoke his words had serious weight like he had known me his whole life.

He and I have been working together the last 2 years and right off the bat he opened doors for me(with

his network) in my side passion, realestate. Second and most importantly he pushed me to rethink my options, reevaluate how I spend my time, and reassess my priorities. Just know, I am not writing my resignation letter to my W2 J-O-B. If anything it has made me more appreciative of it. But I now have the courage to create an alternate path. In other words, I no longer feel trapped. What’s next is anyone’s guess but together with Mike we are going to figure it out. I tried for too many years to do it alone. Wish I had met Michael years ago.

Whether you are in an early, middle, or late season of life and feel in a rut, trust me you are not alone. I can think of no one more professionally armed and emotionally intelligent to guide you out of that rut and get you back in the fast lane. And that for me was freedom! Michael McGreevy is changing my life and once again I am blessed. Thanks Mike!

Jon Dobson

Co-Founder, PayRecs Technology Solutions.

I came to Michael frustrated by the lack of growth and direction in my professional life. Michael helped me focus on what was most important in my life, identify future goals, and lay out the day to day steps needed to achieving those goals. Through Michael's coaching I was able to start taking action to drive my career in the direction I wanted it to go. I set out a very aggressive timeline for making dramatic changes in my career path and Michael helped me achieve my goal. Today I am the co-founder of a technology start-up, an opportunity made possible in part by the focus and direction that I achieved working with Michael.

Matt Assel

Director of Music & Arts

Working with Michael has helped me to make some big steps forward in my career development. I have dreamed of being an entrepreneur for years. He is helping me take concrete steps in that direction. The move from a conventional work model to a self-directed entrepreneurship model is challenging. In many cases, there are few who will understand the desire for such a change. Michael is an incredible source of insight, wisdom, and encouragement. I attribute the progress I’ve made the past two years to his coaching and guidance. My mindset has improved and I’m making steps toward not just the career that’s right for me, but the life that’s best for my family.

Tim Baron


(Clients include Tony Hawk, Birdhouse, Super7 & Creature)

I give Michael McGreevy the highest possible recommendation as a career coach. Michael helped me identify and obliterate significant long time hurdles in my personal and professional life so I could move forward with confidence and hope. For that, I am extremely grateful. -Tim Baron, Artist (Clients include:

Jason Depoy

VP Sales, C-Change Media

From day one, Michael has been genuinely interested as well as invested in my growth as an individual and a professional. He is constantly refining his skill set as a professional life and business coach to the point where he has developed the intuition and targeted techniques to help me discover and remove the roadblocks holding me back from advancing even further in life. Michael is someone I've allowed in my 'inner-circle' as I know he sincerely cares about making a difference in people's lives and lives to leave a Godly fingerprint on this world that cannot be denied or erased. If you're considering a professional life or business coach, you won't find many that top Michael.

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