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What if you no longer had to face challenges and celebrate victories in isolation?

What would your life be like if you surrounded yourself with high quality men who challenged and stretched you to be your best?

Who could you become if you had authentic relationships with men who really get you?

What if you had the perspective and support of your own personal team of successful men?

Something deep within yearns for a life of greater significance. As men, we often isolate ourselves, thinking that the honorable path to success is “self made.” The truth is, we were meant to grow together. Look at a successful man and you’ll see a man with authentic male relationships. We thrive in gangs, posses, tribes, platoons, squads, teams and battalions. Men were made to tackle life together.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Take your life to the next level by joining your very own mastermind group.

What is a mastermind?

“…two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. It is the principle in which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you may accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.” -Napoleon Hill


Success has a ceiling when you attempt to pursue it on your own. Gathering the right people around you is necessary if you want the opportunity to live up to your full potential.

Who Is this Group For?

This group is specifically for married men with children who want to live intentionally. Whether you are building a business, managing a team, leading a school or running a practice, life is busy.  As a group we will learn to live with focus and intention.  We will lead courageously in our marriages, families, homes, communities and careers. We lead our lives with purpose and passion. We don’t shy away from our insecurities and weaknesses. We face fear and take life head on.

It’s not for everyone. Ideal candidates are hungry for growth, success and greater significance.

You may be a good fit if:

  • You have already found success in your career and personal life.
  • You are guided by a high level of integrity.
  • You are at least 26 years old.
  • You either own your own business or have autonomy with your schedule.
  • You are either married or plan on getting married.
  • Serving others is one of your core values.
  • You regularly invest in your personal growth.
  • You see the value in the perspectives and experiences of others.

It’s time to take your life to the next level! Imagine who you will become with a team of high quality men in your corner?

What Are The Details?

Details :

  • Video conference calls will be held once per week for 60 minutes.
  • Interactive calls will be facilitated by Professional Leadership Coach Michael McGreevy
  • Expert guests will frequently be brought in to add value on certain subjects.
  • In addition, once a month, the entire group will gather around one of the members to strategize and focus on the success of that one member.
  • Members will have access to a private Facebook group where group discussions will continue and where members will offer and receive support and perspective from each other.
  • In person dinner events and meet-ups will be held throughout the year to connect, go deeper and celebrate victories.


  • $200 per month (books, training materials, events, video conference software and celebration meals are all included)

There is a minimum of a 6 month commitment, most members continue indefinitely.

Groups will be limited to 8 members.

For any additional questions, email Michael at

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