Two Ways to Accelerate Personal Growth

IMG_1717In the distinguished words of Big Tom Callahan from the movie Tommy Boy, “In auto parts, you’re either growing or you’re dying. There ain’t no third direction!”

If we aren’t consistently growing, we can very quickly become stagnant and lose heart. Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a father of three or part of a team at work;  you’re thirst for learning and growth will dramatically affect where you end up in life.  So what is the difference maker?  Why do some become great and others remain average?

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

For the past year, I have put this statement to the test and guess what, it works!  I have intentionally sought out people who I respect and admire and made it a point to connect with them regularly.  I have read at least one book a month and enjoy reading on a daily basis.  So what has changed in my life since then?

  • I’ve completed my certification as a life and business coach.
  • I started a successful coaching practice in which I help men become dynamic selfless leaders in their families, careers and communities.
  • I’ve eliminated all debts except my home mortgage.
  • I married the woman of my dreams and our first baby is due this month.
  • I’m 80% finished with my first book.
  • I am enjoying life more than I ever have before.

Many other things in my personal, emotional and spiritual life have changed for the better as well.  I’m pretty amazed at how my life has changed but I’m even more amazed at the way my thinking has changed.  Especially since my past would suggest that I didn’t have the brightest future.

1. Reading

I have always struggled as a reader.  I remember my father promising to buy me a brand new fishing pole if I read a book one summer in high school.  One book in an entire summer!  I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I still struggle to sit in one place and read for extended periods of time.  Audio books have become my saving grace.  I can listen to an entire book in one week while I exercise.  I have gone through dozens of books this past year.  Each one expands my knowledge and growth in different ways. Audio books are the key if you struggle to find the time or inspiration to read.

2. People

I get it. Between work, exercise, family, rest and a little bit fun, there isn’t much time to spend with other people, especially strangers.  But we need to expand our bubbles.  If we spend time with the same people over and over, we will remain the same.  We need to expand our perspectives.  We need to be challenged by the views of those different than us.

There’s a magical time between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm where this activity fits perfectly.  If you knew it would change your life, would you set aside 45 minutes a couple times a week to eat lunch with someone?  I’ve made it my goal to never eat lunch alone.  I have been able to offer and receive more opportunities in one year than I could in a lifetime on social media.  There is something special about a face to face meeting.

If you want have lunch with me, email me at, I would love to expand my perspective!

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4 thoughts on “Two Ways to Accelerate Personal Growth

  1. I like the lunch idea a lot! A big challenge for me to stay connected … going to set a goal to make this happen once a week in 2015. Will journal results and ideas that spin off from this action!

    • I love it Ernie! There is something significant about sharing a meal with someone. With more an more ways to connect digitally, I have to be even more intentional about connecting face to face.