How To Enjoy Your Job Even If It Sucks

PictureHave you ever felt that your job is of little significance? Do you often dread going to work?

Those feelings may be legitimate but let me challenge you with an experience I had while flying. While on a Delta flight from Dallas to Buffalo I encountered an extraordinary person in a very ordinary job. Most of us don’t consider serving soft drinks on a plane to be a our dream job but our flight attendant worked as if it were his. He performed his traditional duties with excellence. His service was genuine and he acted as if he enjoyed pleasing his passengers. He didn’t stop there.

He made it a point to connect with his passengers. He carried life-like hand puppets to entertain children. He performed card tricks to put tense passengers at ease. He made his way through a very large plane making sure everyone had the chance to experience at least one mini magic show. This guy was about much more than diet coke and exit rows, he transformed an everyday flight into a memorable experience and it was apparent that he was having a blast doing it.

So what about you? Does your job appear meaningless and mundane? It may be time for a new job but are you being excellent where you are right now? Are you offering something unique to the people you serve? What else can you do to be remarkable? Satisfaction will come when you seek to serve others using your unique talents and passions. You can start now.

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