Getting Even When You’ve Been Wronged

packs-163497_1280I had just sold a 1.2 million dollar energy contract. In one day, I had earned over $30,000 in commissions. Finally, some financial breathing room.  My bills would be taken care of, my debts paid off. This was the beginning of a very successful sales career. I started to imagine myself driving a brand new suv and living in a house that would impress my friends and family. I had worked hard for this moment, things were about to change for me.

No commission check came. The owner of the company I had worked for, claimed the sale as his own. He had been doing this for many other salespeople as well. The advice of many different lawyers was to leave it alone.  The legal fees would not be worth the payout. I was never compensated.

Justice came for that man. The guilt alone would be enough to rob him of sleep. Several reports surfaced of his indiscretions. He eventually had to serve time.

I wasted so much energy hating this man. I wanted him to pay for what he had done. I thought about trying to find him. I wanted to take it upon myself to make things right. After-all, he deserved my wrath!

While I fixated on revenge, the rest of my life was on hold. I wasn’t pivoting, thinking about how to move forward, getting to work on what’s next. It made me irritable, negative, frustrated and even depressed.

When you get wronged, how will you react? I am not for a moment suggesting you raise your white flag and lay down.  But, when nothing can be done about what happened to you, don’t waste an ounce of energy searching for revenge. It’s not your job to even the score. Every person at one point or another will have to face the harvest from the seeds they have planted, good or bad. Instead of wasting time, emotion and energy on getting even, figure out what new seeds you are going to plant and start digging.


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