Original Coaching Packages – Michael McGreevy

Original Coaching Packages

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Team Training – DISC Profile

  • DISC Profile results for each team member including a 25 page report in digital and paper formats
  • A certified DISC instructor will facilitate a 2-hour group coaching session addressing team conflicts, understanding personality differences, maximizing strengths and creating team synergy
  • All participants will receive a customized report outlining our session and customized action items for each team member.

$400 and $50 for each participant

Leadership Coaching


Are you a School Principal, CEO, Coach or Manager?  With so many responsibilities vying for your attention, how do you know if you’re leading well?  How do you make a significant impact as a leader and still find time for your family? What is a healthy work vs life balance? How do I motivate and influence the people I manage?

Michael McGreevy has devoted his career to the science of effective leadership and work/life balance.  His clients have achieved significant results in the business and education sectors.

Program: The Be Real Men leadership coaching plan is built upon the idea that leadership is best modeled through the service of others.  A leader is better prepared to serve others when a command of the following focus areas is well established.

  • Culture: Leaders will clarify the culture they want to create and more importantly learn how to create a common language that will be shared across the entire organization.
  • Decision Making: One of the most important skills a leader can have is to quickly and effectively make decisions. Leaders will clarify their value system and learn how to use it as a filter in decision making. Value informed decisions establish consistency and trust.
  • Productivity: Improving efficiency is essential in the dynamic environment of a large organization. Leaders will learn appropriate delegation, strategic planning and how to set proper boundaries.
  • Accountability: Leaders will learn the importance of outside perspective and accountability and how to build them into their lives. They will be shown how to find and keep a mentor.
  • Approachability: Leaders will learn how to be open to constructive criticism from staff. If an organization’s staff does not perceive it to be safe to share honest feedback, the entire mission is at risk.  This dynamic can be a difficult balance but must be learned.
  • Balance: If a leader is over stressed, overleveraged and has little or no margin for rest, the entire organization will suffer. Leaders will learn how to be disciplined about creating space for rest, personal growth, exercise, family and restorative activities.

Throughout the coaching process the latest leadership resources and tools are used. Key Leadership positions will take the DISC personality profile and Michael will review the results with each member to help team members better relate to each other. Leaders will meet with Michael once per week for 60 minutes or more.  Michael will be accessible by email and phone in between sessions.

Retain Michael’s services for $1,500 monthly

One on One Coaching Packages


1). Becoming a Man of Massive Action – 60 Day Turnaround

  • DISC Profile results including a 25 page report in digital and paper formats
  • Meet with Michael once per week to clearly identify the goal you want to accomplish, create an aggressive plan and do whatever it takes to achieve it within  60 days. 
  • This package involves frequent accountability, laser focus and aggressive action steps.
  • Client must be highly motivated and ready to take massive action to achieve specific, time sensitive and measured goals.
  • Regular access to Michael via cell phone and email.


2). Learn Yourself, Lead Yourself, Make a Plan and Take Action (90 Days)

  • DISC Profile results including a 25 page report in digital and paper formats
  • Weekly 1 on 1 sessions either in person, via video conference or over the phone
  • Walk through the process of discovering your unique identity and how it aligns with your passions and purpose in life
  • Identify what your ideal life looks like, in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.
  • Discover and own your fears, limitations and obstacles.  Uncover hidden self-limiting belief systems and negative family/friend influences. Own them and take steps to break them
  • Develop a personal growth system to improve your skills in the area of your gifting
  • Create a sound plan with specific goals and timelines
  • Consistent accountability to your action steps
  • Support and resources to help you launch a new service, product or business.
  • Continued support via phone, text and email for a month following last session


*Free DISC profile results for your spouse, significant other or family member ($29.99 value)

*Free 60 minute coaching session comparing your personality profile results with another close relationship in your life ($200 value)

*Receive a tactical survival knife at the completion of your 90 days ($100)

3 months of comprehensive life-changing coaching plus $428.99 in bonuses for free!

That’s a $3,425.00 value for $2,997.00 

3).Becoming a Man With A Lasting Legacy

Join this elite group of men who will do whatever it takes to be their best in every area of their lives.  Once you complete this journey, you will forever be a part of the BE Real Men Legacy group.  This tribe of men will continue to walk along side each other for years to come as our legacy’s continue to grow.  Each man receives a full size Braveheart sword and a tactical survival knife when they complete this journey.

  • All available resources will be used to help you become a man who leaves a lasting legacy.
  • You will be provided with the personal growth materials that Michael relies on regularly
  • Includes all the latest books and resources needed to build your legacy as a man
  • You will meet with Michael up to six times per month for 6 months to create and implement a success plan for the 5 major areas of your life (family, spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual and career)
  • Michael will hold you accountable by phone, text and e-mail on a daily basis
  • DISC Profile results including a 25 page report in digital and paper formats
  • 2 group coaching session per month for up to 3 people in your life that you wish to grow even closer to.  Additional DISC profiles are included
  • This is a comprehensive all encompassing coaching package for a man looking to build a lasting legacy.


*I measure the success of our coaching relationship by the results my clients achieve.  If my clients feel they are not achieving the results they expected, they are free to terminate our agreement without payment.  I also reserve the right to end our sessions together if a client doesn’t deliver on our agreed upon action items.  All clients must complete a coaching intake questionnaire before the coaching process begins.  For more information, send me an email: michael@berealmen.com

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