Can a Beat Down Save Your Life?

Cliff is a retired teacher in his 70′s.  He loves spending time with his 3 year old grandson. He often watches him while his mother works.  One day, while they were playing together, Cliff passed out.  He laid on the floor unconscious on his back.  His grandson, who thought he was pretending, picked up his toy bat and began beating him on the chest to wake him up.  Cliff didn’t budge.  He swung harder and harder.  Finally, Cliff woke up!  Realizing something was wrong, he immediately called an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital.

After seeing a doctor, Cliff found out that he had a blockage in his heart and would need a pacemaker.   If it weren’t for his grandson’s repeated blows to the chest, Cliff would have never woken up.  Cliff is at home today recovering. He sees everyday as another gift and strives to make the most of it.

What seems like a beat down or failure, could be the key to you becoming fully alive.  What have you been through?  What struggles have you faced?  What have you learned that could help someone through a similar struggle?  Your deepest failure, pain or fear could be the key to you discovering what you were made to bring to the world.  Embrace life’s greatest beating with an eagerness to learn and you just might find your calling.

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