5 Books That Will Ignite A Man’s Soul

IMG_1717When is the last time you felt deeply inspired? Can you remember when the mention of the word “spiritual” or “Jesus” wasn’t accompanied by memories of religious dysfunction, judgement or guilt? Is your heart alive? Do you feel like you’re dying a slow death spiritually?

I’ve been there too. I’ve read a lot of books, prayed a lot of prayers and talked to a lot of people to try to shake out of my funk. I realized that If I was going to live my life to the fullest, I had to expand my mind spiritually.

The following 5 books have helped me blow off the self-limiting mind lid that has held me back for decades. There are thousands of books in many different categories that will expand your knowledge and add to your success. The following books deal specifically with matters of the heart.

1. Wild At Heart by John Eldredge

What makes a man come alive?  It’s not being practical, singing songs in church and it’s certainly not training yourself to be “a nice man.”  So what it is?  John talks about the core desires of a man’s heart and how to get in touch with them.  Battle, adventure and beauty.  This book is a staple for any man that wants to shake off the chains of religion and pursue the real desires that God put in his heart.

2. Love Does by Bob Goff

Bob Goff is a living example of what it means to enjoy life.  He doesn’t give you lists of tips and practical techniques.  He lives with reckless abandon and is left with amazing stories to tell.  He causes mischief, loves when love is totally unexpected and somehow finds the joy in every situation.  Love Does rocked my world.  It helped me cast my fears aside and get more out of life.  Read more about how Bob changed my life here: Bob Goff Story

3. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

After Donald Miller agreed to do a movie about his life, the writers suggested that they change the stories to make it more interesting.  His life was boring.  This book is about how Donald set out to live a life worth talking about.  He road his bicycle across the country, climbed a mountain in South America and never turned back.  Miller is an incredibly talented writer and his transformation will inspire you to start living your life like a story worth telling.

4. The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

David Ponder is a normal guy with an amazing opportunity.  He lost his job, his marriage is in jeopardy and he is considering throwing away the greatest gift he’s ever been given, his life.  He meets seven different people who share with him seven different pieces of wisdom that will change his life forever. Andy Andrews is hired by many of the worlds top CEO’s and Professional Coaches.  These seven decisions , as he calls them, will give you the ability to take control of your life and reach heights you never thought possible.

5. Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

We’ve all seen the colorful painting hung in churches of a Caucasian, feminine, mysterious ghostly man with long hair.  Is it Richard Gear? Fabio?  It can’t be Jesus, wasn’t he from Israel? Somehow, through religious tradition, western manipulation and hallmark; the true identity of Jesus has been lost. Eldredge removes the religious fluff and takes a fresh look at who Jesus really is.  This book helped see Jesus as someone I want to follow rather than someone I’m supposed to follow.

If you’d like help getting back on track spiritually.  Reach out to me anytime.  My cellphone number is (716) 713-2957

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2 thoughts on “5 Books That Will Ignite A Man’s Soul

  1. Have read 3 of your 5. Eldredge books are life changing. Miller is amazing. Read it in 24 hours. Will put Bob Goff and Andy Andrews on my list. Goal to read a new book per month in 2015. Have finished 3 and working on 2 others and it’s not February yet … I think my goal wasn’t audacious enough. How about having your readers list their top 5 and share? Thanks Mike!!

    • Great Post Eanie. Ruthie and I are each reading 2 books a month for 2015 So far I have read
      The Noticer By Andy Andrews. The Seven Decisions By Andy Andrews. The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy. Good Leaders as Great Questions By John Maxwell. Currently reading Scary Close by Donald Miller and E Myth revisited and Strength Finder 2.o